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Artwork By Jamie-Lee Love

1//Being Human

Touch. Faith. Being Human

Love. Pain. Being Human

Did you fear me at first?

Did you ask yourself why, existence exists in a dream state?

Do you need me at all?

I can tell by the folds of your brow you're consumed, you're confused, you've retreated.

Oh but we made plans while I lay there sleeping.

I heard you whispering sweetly.

Promising you'd complete me.

2//Sound Of Cats

Fresh cut grass, on patchwork lawns

Crystal white, the dew at dawn

Wind blows fast, over concrete stones

Safe as houses. Safe alone.

Rainbow chalk, on dirty glass

Fingerprints, from tiny hands

And the sound of cats, over the sound of cars

Tally marks on prison walls

And I still feel you, from way out there

I still hear you, I still care

And the silence chills, as the ravens crow

But from my window, summer glows

Time moves on. Time stand still

Unmarked crosses.

Untold will

And I still feel you. From way out there

I still hear you.

I still care

3//The Things They Say About Love

And when we go sailing, we won’t come back again


Tell me it's true, the things they say about love

He takes her to dances.

Tell me it's true, the things they say about love

She patches up his bruises,

Kisses, listens pushes.

It’s an inspired old game,

Making like the pictures in the window display

Dusty cabinets, Saturdays at home.


Tell me we can, the things they say about love

He sharpens my edges

Tell me we can, the things they say about love.

We used to be so reckless,

Racking up regrets.

Now we're the talk of town

Making like the pictures in the windows we hate

Love forever, into the unknown.


Tell me you're not bored, the things they say about love

She takes him for granted

Tell me you're not bored, the things they say about love

He always makes excuses,

And she says that he's useless

We're the talk of town

Making like the pictures in the window display.

Love forever, Saturdays at home

Alone, again.


And when we go sailing, we won’t come back again,

Will we?

Cause diamond circles break under heavy weight.

Forever isn't something I can contemplate.

Our fates entwined.

And he keeps me afloat when the winds are low,

But lately I've been sensing a screaming storm inside.


So will you and I go hand in hand and face the tide?

And when you and I go, tell me that we won’t come back again.

4//Swan Song

Lest, we wander on graceful, without hope.


Once, below and no more than I could cope with

You stumbled to my shore

When aboard, you fluttered and found your focus

All about me, but alone


And I asked you, when you came to

If you worried how the tide had changed for me?

You answered blankly

And I rushed you, so I’m sorry

But I couldn’t fight the liquid memory

Of falling, without wings


So I wandered on. Graceful. Without hope.


Stop. Release. And all in the name of progress.

You are beauty. I am tired

Frantic peace. The struggle beneath the water

All about me. Uninspired


And I wonder, when the waves break

If you’ll find the strength to speak your silence

You look so lonely

And I rushed you. So I’m sorry

But I couldn’t fight the liquid melody

Dying within me


So I wandered on. Graceful. Without hope


And the fact that I’m willing to change doesn’t mean that I’ve changed yet

And I need to be open with you, doesn’t mean that I’ll forget.

5//Coloured In

Finally feeling the urge to complete you

Finally sensing my space in your time.

How I need you.

Don't take my silence as trying to hurt you.

Know how I fell at your feet.

Came to love you.


Cold touch like stone

Into the unknown

We slept there on the phone.

We never needed more


Simple things

What life brings

Your silence

Coloured In


Bitter is the heart lost in moonlight

Shredded in the burst of a glass sky

We stand beneath air

It colours us in, darkens our skin

Listens to our silences.

This is where you and I meet

This is where puzzles complete

I break between the waves of your island.


You colour me.

Honestly, I want you to feel love

Listen to the spark sink between us

Believe what you need, if it picks you up.

Oblique in your sun,

Your colours run.

Honestly, the strength of your heart swells.

Reality is dark. We are compelled

Skin as it folds in our motion.

You colour me in.


Simple things.

What life brings

Your silence.

Coloured in.


Stolen little seconds

The corner of my eye

I look, you look

I feel, you feel

We say nothing


Hour interventions.

The tension, let it fly

I smile, you smile

We linger on

Saying nothing


I always get what I want.

But now I want for nothing

Deconstruct me

Let me yearn for something.


Tell me this is growing?

Being in the moment.

Knowing not to,

Holding on to

Let it pass me by


Stolen little seconds

Fossilized and frozen

This is danger

Letting the wild free

I am boiling over.


I always get what I want.

But now I want for nothing

Deconstruct me

Let me yearn for something.


I always get what I need.

Suddenly I need nothing

Deconstruct me,

Let me yearn for something


Your walls are like ash

Nothing sticks here only scatters

See nothing of love

Pretty pictures ember red


Your walls are like ash

Nothing lives here only clutches

Feel nothing of love

Pretty ideas


7//To The Water

Wish it all away

Waste it all away



Wish it was the same

Wish it all out of our minds


I go down to the water,

And I'm in love again




Little stays the same

You and I were always bound

To die


Waste it all away

Tracking all my veins

Out my mind


I go down to the water

And I'm in love again





Who's that staring back from the black water?

Little lost soul

Face cracked in the salt river

Never seemed more at home

Hands grasp to the cold metal

Shakes as your pulse takes hold

Last look at the dear green city

Boarded up and closed


Sold out she's a street seeker

Took you for a one night thing

3 months shackled down

In the midst of a drunken fling

If love is enough.

Where's the magnet to pull you home?

If love is enough

Why you still out here in the cold?



Don't come back before dawn

Bleed yourself dry first

Don't come back to my door

It's all conditional.


Who's that spinning plates treading deep water?

Better keep going.

Lips chapped from the red nectar

Never felt more on loan

Fate leans on the next splinter

Breaking the skin and bone.

If love is enough

Why do so many die alone?



I won't be back before dawn

Bleed myself dry first

I won't be back at your door

It's all conditional


And does your mother know?

What did you tell your mother son?


I wish I didn't go so deep

I wish that I could sleep

Coffee cup full of dread

Porcelain problems keep

And I've been saying yes

Till there's nothing left to do but weep

Send me a message

And I'll fear it till the void is breached.

Reach for the phone

I've been going mad at home.

People telling me there's more

And I should suffer for some inner peace.

But I can feel your hope for me

Turning into grief

I can feel your love for me

Turning into grief


Light in my fire, my wounded fire

Colours scorched my skin so tired

Petal's bled

You cannot sense it yet.


Throat tightened words fall flat

Fight to take your light, contract.

Petal's bled.

You started, front to back


And I see now how precious and alone we are.

For every road he walks, you'll run to get as far.

But petals will grow.

And fireflies, guide us in the dark.


Always be gentle, always keep control.

But don't ever stop the urge to speak your soul.

Nature rules all

And it happens before you know.


Breath harder, yes you can

Darling, look at me

Sink softer, grab my hand

It’s over now.


Fear nothing, yes you can

Darling look at me.

Sleep gently, understand

It’s all for you.


You walk in my shoes

But these feet are shaky

I stumble in corners

I don't know my roots, from my stems


You sob on my chest

My shadows fall naked

I love you in terror

Your petals laid out in my hands.


Was it you, who cast the first stone?

Turn your lights off.

You're older than you know

And time, it waits for no-one

You're losing focus


I used to travel. Now I stare at maps. Gazing lustful, longing for the journey back. I'm blesses with plenty. It's a blissful almanac. But I've lost focus, losing sleep and gaining fat.

I used to worry, that I was just playing a part. Talking nonsense and hoping that you'd call it art. I spent a long time, watching all you fall apart. My little world of wishful thinkers. Friends with troubled hearts.

And lately I've been talking less and hating more. Gathering grudges like they used to gather at my door. Jealously isn't something I relish. It’s genuinely sore. I wish I had the guts to say I need you more.


But I see ghosts in my coffee. Chasing mornings I've forgotten. Think I might not get the chance to stop, all the time I've borrowed. A tattooed tragedy, a caffeine calamity. Heart shapes on lamp shades. The curtains draw the light away.

And I don't regret a single day, I loved the paid. It's better baring naked words of war than taking blame. I'm actually amazed I ended up this way. Tiny fingers grasping on to every word I say.

So lately, I've been calling less and that's ok. I'm realizing my time isn't just a gift to give away.  I know why you hide in the notes of the songs you play. I know why you're running from your honesty. The hardest face to face is your own. The hardest place to replace is home when you know what you've done.

And did you throw the first stone? Did you?


Was it you, who cast the first stone?

Turn your lights off.

You're older than you know

And time, it waits for no-one

You're losing focus


And little bits of me start to feel like history. Misty memories of wistfully missing you. Listening in mystery to my life read back to me. Thinking, 'really? I don't think that was ever my reality!' And yeah, I know that people have to go, nothing's set in stone. Friendship isn't guaranteed. You have to nurture what you've grown. But I'm not afraid to say, when it's time to move on. In fact I'm loving every swan song.

So if you hurt me, then I'm long gone and if sorry's not a word that you can muster, that's cool man. Just jog on. Because I turn myself inside out, dealing with this constant doubt, mindful of the part I play, respectfully giving you your space. 

Know when it's time to be humble. I mumble nothing under my breath that I wouldn't make public. It’s an ugly circus, pointing fingers like we've got a purpose. Rendering any nuance worthless. Screaming 'Shameful!' from a broken soap box. Civil folk lost in a perpetual moral frost. A digital dust, making mockeries of conversation. You want to talk about metal health? Get off Facebook. Make a statement.

Is this you at your full engagement? How many mates have we lost to our casual vagrance? And what's the cost for the weans that we make to replace us?  That's where I'm at with this. I need to get back to this.

Is there a knack to this? Or are we all just singing dancing selfish pricks talking pish? Probably

Being a mum has made me actively angry. Its n a case of how could she, who has and who hasn't. We are callously curating a narcissist's fantasy. Orwell would be amazed at how we feed our own tragedy.

I'm awkward, in need of validation. I'm nervous, in every conversation. I'm weak. But I'm constantly in motion. I'm an imposter voyaging blindly through the ocean.

I'm fierce, when it’s time to set the record. And I'm yours, if you're skilful on the fret board.  But I'll say one thing, until we turn the tide.

Get honest with yourself, if you want to step outside.

Did you throw the first stone?


Was it you, who cast the first stone?

Turn your lights off.

You're older than you know

And time, it waits for no-one

You're losing focus

11//Through These Eyes

Well, it's Tuesday afternoon

And I've been thinking of your face

All the pain that you've erased from me

And every trouble you've had


And I truly believe

You only see the best in me

Although I wrestle with the notion

I could never give you all you need


And long, long ago

When I moved fast, and you moved slow

I swore I'd never let you go

And you would always have a friend in me


And even when I'm with you

It's strange but I still miss you

I'm compelled to hug and kiss you

And I'll always be around.


As my skin begins to burn

I can't help thinking of my son

All the things he could become

And how important his life is to me


Under a warm Spanish sky

I imagine the ways that I could die

And as the tears roll from my eyes

I know I could only do the best for him


And long before he came

I had decided on his name

You know, my brother's is the same

And Daniel's always been so strong and safe


And even when I'm with him

It's strange, but I still miss him

I'm compelled to hug and kiss him

And I'll always be around


Long may we be broken

I'm sure you'll call me any things

But through these eyes we love more

And dwell less, on the bad days


Long may we be foolish.

Just before the little things

Become the very reason

To dwell less, on the mad days


Well, it's Tuesday afternoon

And I've been thinking of your face

All the pain that you've erased from me

And every worry you'll never have




You are never too much.

Who you are, is enough

You are never alone

You matter

We are one.


My shadows, they hide in the light of day.

Peering through the creases, in my poetry

Dark moments seem endless,

But memories moments make

So, like the moon I'll take my place

In the blanket of the sky.


And for all the good the light does,

It's blocking the view

There's a reason that the darkness

Illuminates you.


My focus is drawn to the menace, the unknown.

Sinking. Like a candle in an underwater home

And the truth will find you broken

Yeah, but broken we are true

As the day depends on darkness,

I exist, only with you.


And for all the good the light burns,

The midnight wind repairs

With the shadow that adores you.

Illuminate the air.


Harness that emotion (give yourself some time)

Let the world go by

Harness that emotion (Step out of the fire)

And let the night-time whisper to you

Harness that emotion (Take your hand in mine)


Harness that emotion (Face the night, let’s face the night)

And trust the night will learn to love you.



13//Paper Wings

Oh to be gentle on the heels of man

Footprints like craters

I crawl to the centre and kiss the dirt.

Oh I imagine it’s warm up there


To be an observer, on a tapestry

Slowly but surely

The finest vibrations, in the veins of leaves

Oh I imagine it’s calmer there.

Warm up there


Oh to be torn from a world familiar.

To find wings at the end of the thread

I've been watching you all run riot

I see smoke beyond the water’s edge


And it all seemed so small in my head

It all seemed so warm up there


Oh to be gentle on the hearts of man

Blind to the beauty

Of small interventions in a greater plan

Notice the wonder in tiny things

Paper wings


Look at you now flying


To be over the work of ages

To see shapes in the curve of the earth

And to know that these things

Were made with paper wings.

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